Protection Screens for Offices in Uisken

Protection Screens for Offices in Uisken

We can offer protection screens for a range of establishments including offices. For details on costs, please get in touch.

Protective Screen Guards in Uisken

Protective Screen Guards in Uisken

If you require protective screen guards for your workplace, please get in touch with our team for the very best prices.

Titan Mobile Screen in Uisken

Titan Mobile Screen in Uisken

Our team also offer Titan Mobile Screens. This means you can easily move the screens whilst complying with social distancing requirements.

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Protection Screens in Uisken

Movable Partition Walls are experts in installing protective screens. in Uisken PA67 6 Our transparent screens offer sneeze protection and the social distancing requirements needed as a result of the COVID-10 pandemic.  

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These screens are transparent and easy to communicate through and available in different styles and finishes to better suit your interior design and your specific needs and are fixed to sturdy casters for ease of movement.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is needing to adjust to new, safer ways to conduct business and to go about daily life.

Social distancing measures were brought in to help people stay clear of the potential spread of the coronavirus. However, beyond lockdown measure, businesses, offices and public buildings need to start doing more to protect people from infection.

Are you set to reopen your business after lockdown? Are you concerned that your team and your clientele may not be safe from the spread of COVID-19?

It is worth considering setting up protection screens and measures to ensure that your staff and public can continue to work and enjoy life without fear of illness.

However, the types of the screen you may wish to choose from can vary. We offer a wide range of movable and modular screens and guards to keep you and your public safe.

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Titan Mobile Screen

Titan mobile screens are modern solutions in line with the recent pandemic. Titan sneeze screens, fixed to sturdy casters for ease of movement, are transparent and easy to communicate through.

They are available in different styles and finishes, too, to better suit your interior design and your specific needs.

Titan mobile screens are ideal for physical workplaces where the public – and staff – are regularly on their feet and are walking around.

These barriers will protect against potential virus dispersal, meaning that you can continue to run your business as normal. In addition to this, you can welcome customers who may otherwise have been scared to head back out into public following lockdown.

Titan screens are robust and easy to move around, ideal for heavy-duty applications. They benefit from up to 12mm in screen thickness, allowing for a clear barrier between staff and patrons alike.

We will be happy to design and build Titan mobile screens to your own specifications. We can offer bespoke creations within a short space of time regardless of your needs.

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Protective Screen Finishes

We offer our Titan mobile protective screens in a wide range of different designs and specifications to meet individual needs and requirements. 

Some of the different finishes we offer include:

  • Toughened Safety Glass in Uisken - Our tempered glass screens are easy to clean and offer resilience to scratches and a long-lasting product lifespan. Toughened glass is 5x stronger than standard glass, meaning it is more durable and less likely to break. This type of glass is not as dangerous if broken, as it does not shatter into pieces with sharp edges like ordinary glass. 
  • Laminate - Another product we offer is our low-pressure laminate board. This is available in a wood effect or plain colours. If you do not need to see through the screen, laminate panels are a great way to control social distancing and virus protection.
  • Perspex - Our perspex sneeze screens are another great product to select. The acrylic screens allow you to see clearly through whilst offering sneeze protection. You can also communicate with colleagues and customers just as effectively. 

Each of the protective screen finishes offers COVID protection to ensure people in your establishment are safe. If you have any queries regarding our products or you would like help choosing a finish, please make sure to get in touch with our team.

Counter Screens in Uisken

Counter screens built from toughened safety glass are similar to our Titan options. However, instead of based on the floor for mobility, counter screens are ideal for banking and one to one service environments.

You may find a number of businesses offering a counter screen guard. Our team have plenty of office screens available in various specifications. For more information on our other products, please click HERE.

In close contact environments, such as at till points and bank teller podiums, there will be a clear need for smaller, more compact screens to protect against virus dispersal.

Our counter screens in Uisken arrive in sizes from 600mm to 1800mm, and in thicknesses of 8mm and 10mm.

As with our Titan screens, counter screens are designed and built with COVID-19 in mind. Therefore, they are flexible, protective, and will ensure that people can continue with their daily lives without fear of exposing themselves to bacteria.

Desk Screen

Our team also have a range of desk dividers that can be installed to offer COVID Protection. A desk screen is recommended to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Desk screens are particularly important in offices in Uisken. We have a range of different desk partitions to meet your individual needs and requirements.

If you require more information on our desk screen products, please complete our contact form and we can assist you.

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Sneeze Protection Screen 

A sneeze protection screen will effectively allow you to continue trading in public environments. Businesses and operations continuing to face curtailment through the pandemic lockdown will be able to safely open their doors with complete sneeze protection.

These sneeze screens will effectively act as a social distancing measure when standing two metres apart may not be physically possible.

Therefore, while the UK continues to recover from the threat of the coronavirus, it is important that businesses return to operation while keeping all who use their premises safe from harm.

Sneeze protection screens are safe to use and are very easy to clean. They are thick enough to protect two or more people in close contact, and who need to conduct everyday business.

Crucially, these screens may provide a simple, cost-effective route towards normality following the initial lockdown.

It will take time for people to adapt to life after the peak of social distancing – meaning that in the interim, screens and sneeze guards can be useful in helping people make such adjustments.

Social Distancing Screens for Offices

Social distancing screens for offices, too, are essential. Offices will remain extremely busy and social environments.

Movable, mobile screens and counter screens can help to restrict contact without the need to lose social or collaborative aspects.

Office environments require close contact for a variety of reasons. During social distancing, it may have been impossible for some tasks to physically complete.

Video conferencing and calling may have helped people to adapt from afar, however, when physical offices reopen, there will need to be safety measures put in place.

Social distancing office screens are likely to become commonplace in the near future. It is also likely that they will become commonplace for much time to come after lockdown.

Therefore, businesses such as corporate offices should make the effort to set up emergency screens now.

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Shielding Screen Advantages

There are many advantages to setting up shielding screens for businesses and public buildings.

If you are unsure whether or not shielding screens are ideal for your firm, here are a few reasons you may wish to keep in mind

  • They will allow businesses and public buildings to reopen and continue operating as normal.
  • Shielding screens will help to give customers and staff members more confidence in their daily activities. They will help to ease their minds when taking on daily activities without fear of COVID 19.
  • Screens will ensure that your business can legally continue operating through government guidelines.
  • Shielding screens will allow you to protect lives – both of your team and personnel, and of anyone who may attend your premises.
  • They can be built to order and are cost-effective – allowing you to continue trading without the need to furlough staff.
  • Protective screens are built specifically with COVID-19 in mind – and will, therefore, protect you and your clientele against other bacterial or viral threats.

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It’s important to start thinking about adapting your business post-COVID-19. Therefore, consider ways in which you can protect both your staff and your clientele while ensuring you regain a sense of normalcy.

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Contact our team now for more information regarding custom and bespoke walls and protection screens in Uisken PA67 6 and the costs involved.

Start protecting the people you care about – and take advantage of flexible guards to protect your business for years to come – regardless of illnesses that may arise.

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